The Moroccan BENADADA Rabii associated with Selkirk Pictures & Enterprises to produce a comprehensive documentary film about polo in United Arab Emirates.


The film’s Objective is to educate the audience on the sport’s more than 100-year­ old story in the Arab countries.

The film will focus on the sport’s origins in Persia, Its arrival on Arabic world, shores via England, as well as the families who earnestly and enthusiastically supported the sport throughout the years.

Ultimately, the film seeks to break down some of the stereotypes associated with polo to reveal the diverse backgrounds of the men, women and children from all corners of the Arabic countries who revel in playing this dynamic sport.

Polo is international by nature. However, with the film, Selkirk pictures have focused on its rich history and strong following in the Arabic countries.

Selkirk Pictures has unearthed heartfelt stones of players driven by a passion for the game. the feature documentary will alter previous notions and spark a new curiosity for the sport played by equine and human athletes.

The film will be approximately 80 minutes long and will premiered in various countries beginning in the summer of 2019.

It will then the followed by submissions to film festivals across the U.S, Europe and internationally, and distributed across television and platforms.


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