Dubai Duty Free Marks its Anniversary with Sales Close to Dhs70 million (US$19.175 million) in Sales


Dubai Duty Free marked its 37th Anniversary in style as it welcomed passengers travelling through Dubai with a special 25% discount on a wide range of merchandise over three days from 18th to 20th December. The 72 hours anniversary sale, which was also extended to it Home Delivery customers, resulted in sales of Dhs69.990 million (US$19.175 million).

From a category point of view, Perfumes was the highest selling category with sales of Dhs17.613 million (US$ 4.825 million) during the three-day period followed by Liquor with sales of Dhs8.624 million (US$ 2.363 million). Sales of Cosmetics reached Dhs8.179 million (US$ 2.241 million) while sales of Watches topped Dhs7.891 million (US$ 2.162 million). Sales of ticket for the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire and Finest Surprise promotions combined reached a staggering Dhs7.373 million (US$2.020 million) over the 3-day period, making it the 5th most popular category.

Commenting on the response to the 37th anniversary, Colm McLoughlin, Executive Vice Chairman & CEO of Dubai Duty Free said: “We are happy to see such a positive result during our annual anniversary sale both in store and online. This is very much a “thank you” to our customers and while there have been less travelers than usual at Dubai International Airport, it was great to see them respond to this special offer.

“I would like to thank everyone for marking this special occasion with us and a special thanks to our staff, who did a great job in serving the passengers and online customers alike,” he added.

Over the three-day period a total of 104,698 sales transactions were recorded in store. Meanwhile online sales doubled during the same period with the ‘Click & Collect’ service, which offers travelers the chance to order goods in advance of their flight, generating over Dhs6.944 million (US$1.902 million) in the 72-hour period. A total of 6,331 orders were received in advance of customers travelling, with the most popular categories including Perfumes & Cosmetics, Liquor, Watches and Technology.

Dubai Duty Free’s Home Delivery Service, which was launched in June of this year and is available for UAE residents, recorded Dhs3.964 million (US$1.086 million) in sales with a total of 2,398 orders made. 12,917 units were sold to Home Delivery customers with the best-selling categories including Perfumes & Cosmetics, Fashion, Food, and Watches.

The Dubai Duty Free Anniversary offer was first introduced when the airport retailer marked its 20th Anniversary in 2003 and continues to be popular over what is traditionally a busy travel period.


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