NetJets Defeats Quite on Z in Silver Queen Invitational, Brian Boyd MVP


NetJets dominated the first chukker. Brian Boyd put the first goal on the board at 4:44 after picking up a pass from Pablo Spinacci. With under three minutes remaining in the period, Nacho Figueras swooped in to snatch the ball away from Toro Ruiz on the sideboards and take it downfield to score. Quite on Z made no progress in getting onto the board and the period ended 2-0 in favor of NetJets. Around a minute and half into the second chukker, Z picked up some steam. Gussie Busch took the ball and got out in front for an easy goal. After two minutes of back and forth, Figueras plucked the ball out from under Alejandro Novillo Astrada in a quick skirmish and sent it back toward Busch. Regaining the ball, he battled his way toward the posts. Under pressure from the defense, Novillo Astrada left the ball behind for Ruiz to finish the play, scoring another goal for NetJets.


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