“Unleashing the Unstoppable: The UNTOUCHABLE Jumper Takes Flight in Showjumping”


by Al Badia,

In the captivating world of horse showjumping, the rider becomes the orchestrator of a breathtaking symphony, guiding their magnificent partner, the UNTOUCHABLE, to perform flawless jumps.

Through their deep connection and symbiotic trust, the rider and the UNTOUCHABLE harmonize their movements, flawlessly navigating the intricate course. With unwavering focus and a subtle touch, the rider communicates their intentions, setting the stage for the UNTOUCHABLE’s powerful takeoff. Together, they conquer each obstacle with a seamless blend of precision, agility, and grace. The rider’s impeccable timing and delicate aids ensure that every stride and every leap is executed with artistry, leaving spectators spellbound and in awe of their harmonious partnership.



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