Where is the best place to stroke a horse?


by Al Badia,

When you’re petting a horse, it’s important to know where they like to be touched. Horses are pretty sensitive animals and they don’t always enjoy being petted in the same place. Here are some of their favorite places to be petted:

Neck: Horses love being stroked and scratched on the neck, withers and shoulders. This area is known as their “sweat line,” so it’s important that you only use your hands or soft brushes when touching these areas.

Head: You should never pet a horse on the head! The head is very sensitive for horses, so avoid rubbing or scratching them there. A good rule of thumb is not to ever touch this area unless the horse wants you to.

When you’re getting close to a horse, you want to keep it in mind that they are sensitive. They don’t like it when you pet them on their heads, and they really don’t like it when you do so with your hands. The best places to pet a horse are the neck, withers and shoulders.


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