Dubai Stud shines in the Sopot International Breeders Championship 2023


The name of the Dubai Arabian Horse Stud shone, as usual, in a new station of aesthetic competition for purebred Arabian horse breeders, as its local production recorded a global presence at the conclusion of the Sopot International Championship for Arabian Horse Beauty 2023, which was held yesterday in Poland, and it is a new championship designated by the ECAHO organization for breeders. It witnessed strong competitions that were reflected in the level of enthusiasm among breeders from all over the world, and the Dubai stud refused to write its golden stocks in the championship record and renew its local production with its golden titles for its global brand.

The production of the Dubai Stud was able to snatch three gold titles, a silver title and another bronze title, confirming its usual productive quality for its own benefit and the interest of senior owners and breeders. The first titles produced by the stud, and he had a golden title for his own, achieved with the filly Omar Al-Zuhur, with promising heroic specifications, De Ghamra, and she is from the brave stallion De Shakhat and the mare De Ghalia. Dubai Stud won its second golden title in the championship with the fine filly De Lin, one of the icons of contemporary global production, the stallion FAL Rasheem and the beautiful mare De Maha.


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