How to Keep Records on a Horse Farm


by Al Badia

Keeping records on your horse farm is a great way to keep track of your horses’ health, pedigree, and care. If you have many horses, you might opt to keep a hanging file folder for each horse in a filing cabinet. Within the file, separate the horse’s records out by type – keep veterinary papers in one section or envelope, registration papers in another, and farrier records in a third.

If you prefer to keep your files on your computer, consider creating an Excel spreadsheet that lists all of your horses’ information and where to find it (such as the name of the vet who did their last checkup). You could also create an online calendar that allows you to add upcoming events such as farrier appointments or annual vaccinations.


Moreover, keeping records on a horse farm is important for several reasons. First, it helps keep your horses safe by making sure they have all the necessary vaccinations and regular check-ups. It also prevents against theft by keeping your horses’ identities secure.

Another option is to create an Excel spreadsheet for each horse that lists all of their information—breed, age, height and weight—in one place. This way, you can easily see how much each horse weighs over time and how much food they’re consuming.


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