Grooming a Horse Correctly


by Al Badia

Don’t sit your bucket or box too close to your horse where he could knock it over, or where you might trip over it as you move around your horse.

Assemble all of the tools you will need before you begin, so they are easy to reach while working with your horse. This includes a comb, clippers, hoof pick and brush. Your hands should be free to do other things as well as groom your horse, so make sure you have plenty of space between yourself and the horse when working with him.

Making sure your horse looks his best will make him more confident, and more confident horses are better behaved. If you’re planning a show, grooming is especially important because it gives your horse’s coat the kind of shine that judges love.

Groom your horse correctly with these tips!

Secure your horse so that they stand still while being groomed. Secure the halter around their neck, and secure the lead rope to their halter so that you have a secure hold on them. If your horse is not used to being tied up, consider using a rope halter instead of a leather halter. It will be less intimidating for them than a leather halter, and it will still keep them from getting away from you during grooming time!

Use a curry comb to break up dirt and mud patches and to bring the dirt under your horse’s coat to the surface. Use circular motions to loosen up mud and dirt from their coat so that it can be brushed off more easily. The curry comb works especially well when you are brushing out the mane or tail, because it cleans both sides at once!

Use a hard brush to brush the dirt and mud from your horse’s coat. Use this brush in short, quick strokes across their body as if you were brushing against a wall — don’t use circular motions like you do with the curry comb! This will help work loose stubborn dirt clumps


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