The Secret Lives of Horses!


by Al Badia

“The Secret Lives of Horses” is a new show that’s all about horse behavior,

We know they ride around, they’re beautiful and they make us want to ride them but what do they think? What do they do when we’re not watching? I mean, horses are some of the most intelligent animals out there. They even have their own language.

Horses can be trained to carry people or pull loads if they are raised with care and gentleness while young. They will also become friendly companions who enjoy being brushed and pampered by their owners/riders as well as spending time out in pasture grazing peacefully together without any human intervention necessary for survival needs such as food or water supply since horses’ hooves enable them to dig up roots which provides

Horses are a majestic and powerful animal. A horse’s diet consists of grains, hay, straw, or other plant matter. Horses can run at speeds of 45 mph to 55 mph. They have the largest eyes of any land mammal and they have a very wide field of vision, approximately 350 degrees. Horses can sleep standing up or lying down. Horses have been domesticated for over 5,000 years and are used as work animals in many parts of the world.



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