Dubai Stud has one gold and three silver sheep It maintains its historical production status in the Fifth Sharjah Kalba Festival


The Dubai Arabian Horse Stud was able to win a gold title and three silver titles at the Fifth Sharjah Kalba Arabian Horse Festival, which concluded the day before yesterday on the beach of the Corniche in the city of Kalba, in a wonderful atmosphere that reflects the joy of the National Day mixed with excitement and suspense, with the participation of a large number of national stalls who were keen To compete with all its distinguished capabilities from the most beautiful purebred Arabian horses.

Dubai Stud’s achievement at the Fifth Sharjah Kalba Festival was led by a group of distinguished horses from local production, with promising aesthetic and competitive specifications. The stud’s golden record of achievement was the two-year-old colt De Shakhr, who is from the stallion De Shakhar and the mare De Shamekha. The champions of the silver runner-up trio were the two-year-old filly De Ghamra, also by the stallion D. Shekhat, and the mare D. Ghalia, then the three-year-old filly D. Tafarah, an icon of global production, the stallion FAL Rashim and the mare D. Royana, and finally the lively two-year-old filly D. Shahiq. He is out of the stallion Excalibur EA and the champion mare and international producer FT Sheila.




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