MOSTAHDAF takes the G1 Prince of Wales’s Stakes at #RoyalAscot 🐎🔥


by Al Badia, 

MOSTAHDAF, the magnificent 5-year-old racehorse trained by John & Thady Gosden, emerged victorious in a thrilling display of skill and speed, claiming the prestigious G1 Prince of Wales’s Stakes at the illustrious #RoyalAscot. With fire in its stride, MOSTAHDAF galloped to glory, leaving a trail of awe in its wake.

It was not the first taste of high-level competition for this exceptional athlete. Previously, MOSTAHDAF had showcased its prowess on the grand stage, finishing a commendable fourth in the renowned Longines Dubai Sheema Classic, solidifying its status as one of the elite contenders. A testament to its impressive pedigree and talent, MOSTAHDAF’s success at #RoyalAscot further highlights the incredible abilities nurtured in the Dubai World Cup graduates.

This resounding triumph marks another milestone in MOSTAHDAF’s remarkable career, solidifying its position among the finest competitors in the racing world. As the celebrations ensued, the racing community and fans worldwide showered praise on this extraordinary horse, recognizing its exceptional skills and contributions to the sport.


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