World Championship for Shofkan Sports


The Moroccan polo team qualified, today, Monday, for the final match of the World Shufkan Championship, which is currently being hosted by the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, until November 8th.

The Moroccan national team, representing Arab and African polo, reached the final match after defeating the Kazakhstan team in its first match by three goals to one, then in the second match it defeated the Poland team by four goals to nil.

The Moroccan national team will finally face the Azerbaijan national team, which reached the same round after defeating the Turkish national team on the first day by seven goals to one, then the Kazakh national team by seven goals without a response.

The World Shufkan Sports Championship includes the participation of six teams from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Poland and Turkey, in addition to the Moroccan team. It is noteworthy that shofkan is an ancient horse-riding game from which the modern sport of polo emerged. The word shofkan is of Turkish origin and means “hitting by waving a stick.” Shufkan is very popular in Azerbaijan, and its matches are held on a flat field and bring together two competing teams of four players on horses, similar to polo matches.


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