Dubai Stud Monopolizes the Gold of the Egyptian Dynasty at the Sharjah Festival


Absolute golden control of Dubai Stud over the Egyptian dynasty at the Sharjah Festival

The Dubai Arabian Horse Stud maintained its leading position and record achievements the day before yesterday at the conclusion of the Egyptian Breed Championship within the Sharjah Arabian Horse Festival, after its local production dominated the course and results of the competitions with an absolute golden control, as it monopolized the first place in the four championships, which included the elite of the purebred Egyptian horses from Various Emirates cleats. He also won a silver and two bronze.

In the filly championship, the golden saga opened, the glamorous skilled De Abeer, who is from the stallion Safir of the Valley and the mare De Afaf. Her companion, the skilled De Inaya, who is one of the falcon ambassadors of the valley, and the mare, De Etab, was able to obtain the bronze title. The dowry de Faisal, who is one of the valley ambassadors, and the mare de Fella, also dominated his competitors in the colts championship, winning the golden title.

The local production of the Dubai Stud swept the Mares Championship with its absolute control of all centers. He won gold with the mare de Umniah, which is from the stallion Frasera Machar and the mare Rawal Amira, and he won silver with the mare de Kahil, who is from the international stallion Royal Colers and the mare de Afaf, and he won bronze with the mare de Amira, who is from the stallion Asfour Al-Waab and the mare Royal Amira. The Dubai Stud also took the throne of the stallion championship by winning gold with the stallion De Mamzar, who is from the stallion Asfour Al Waab and the mare Extreme Wonder, to conclude a golden epic and establish his leadership mark, record score and first position in the production of Egyptian Arabian horses.


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