What is good about a horse?


by Al Badia,

While a horse can be tough and independent, they are also adaptable. They can pull off one of their strongest qualities: the ability to let go of bad things that have happened to them. With their long memories, you might be surprised how quickly they let go of extra baggage.

You can tell them a story and see their ears perk up, or you can get into an argument and they’ll remember it for days, weeks, months or years (depending on their breed). But even though a horse remembers the bad things that have happened to them, like a lesson learned from a spooking or being injured by another horse, they can let go of it pretty quickly.

Horses are survivors, and with that in mind, the best thing about having a horse is how they are able to let go of negative experiences. Horses don’t hold grudges and seem to be able to release whatever has happened in the past and move on with their lives.




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