Horse Loves Brushing


by Al Badia

Groom your horse, and he’ll love you forever.

We’re not kidding. There’s a reason horses are considered the most loyal animals on earth: they remember the good stuff and forget the bad. They also like it when you scratch their belly and give them treats.

Here’s how to groom your horse:

1) Buy quality brushes and combs. They make all kinds of gorgeous brushes, from soft (for sensitive skin) to stiff (for thick manes). They also carry combs in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can choose what works best for your horse’s hair type.

2) Brush your horse regularly—once or twice a week is best!

3) Use the brush gently but firmly: start at the top (head), then work down towards the tail bone.

4) Brush in circular motions around each body part, starting with smaller areas like legs or shoulders before moving on to larger ones like backs or bellies

5) If applying conditioner use it sparingly—start with small amounts at first until you get a feel for how much your horse likes

Use a curry comb to break up dirt and mud patches and to bring the dirt under your horse’s coat to the surface. Use circular motions to loosen up mud and dirt from their coat so that it can be brushed off more easily. The curry comb works especially well when you are brushing out the mane or tail, because it cleans both sides at once!

Use a hard brush to brush the dirt and mud from your horse’s coat. Use this brush in short, quick strokes across their body as if you were brushing against a wall — don’t use circular motions like you do with the curry comb! This will help work loose stubborn dirt clumps


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