5 precious titles and these are the most beautiful foals Dubai Stud ranks first in Rabatieh for camel horses


The Dubai Arabian Horse Stud established its heroic presence in the second edition of the Rabatiyah Arabian Horse Championship – as part of a new leg of the Arabian Horse Tour (GCAT) – which concluded yesterday evening, Monday, April 1st, in the field of Al Bustan Palace Park, which is located between a mountain range and the Sea of ​​Oman. In the Omani capital, Muscat, by achieving all colors of precious metals, adding more to the completion of the first edition last year, where he achieved 4 titles, with a total of 5 titles, distributed between a gold title, 3 silver titles, and a bronze title, during enthusiastic competitions in which 97 horses competing as stalls. With high levels from 7 countries, the most prominent of which are the Gulf cleats, led by the cleats of the United Arab Emirates, the State of Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to the organizing country, the Sultanate of Oman.

This tour in the Sultanate of Oman is considered the third of several tours scheduled in a number of cities around the world throughout the year 2024, after the first tour was held in Doha, and the second in Abu Dhabi, with the next tours being held in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and the French city of Cannes. Valkenswaard in the Netherlands, then Rome and Paris, where the World Arabian Horse Championships are held. The total value of the championship prizes is 10.5 million euros, which gives it the utmost competitive importance among the finest global production of purebred Arabian horses.


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