Another Win for Desert Palm and Habtoor Polo Teams at the Silver Cup 2019


Both Desert Palm and Habtoor Polo teams remain unbeaten as they battled it out on the fields of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club against Zedan and Mahra Polo teams respectively.

In the first match, Camillo “Jeta” Castagnola took the first 2 goals for Desert Palm Polo team, and the team stayed with a 3-goal lead until the third chukker. The team ended the match with a win against Zedan with 9 goals to 4.

Match Progression:
Desert Palm Polo Team: 2-0 | 4-1 | 4-1 | 6-2| 9-4
Top Scorer: Camillo “Jeta” Castagnola, 8 goals

The second match saw a strong defense demonstrated by both teams. Habtoor Polo took the lead against Mahra with Facundo “Facu” Sola scoring the first goal by the second chukker. Halfway through the match, Hugo Lewis scored a goal with a pass from Tommy Beresford whilst Mahra team drove home 2 goals from Pelayo Berazadi and a last-second goal from Tariq Al Habtoor. Habtoor kept the lead in the last two chukkers and finally closed the game at 7 goals to 5.

Match Progression:
Habtoor Polo Team: 0‐0 | 2-0 | 5-2 | 6-3 | 7-5
Top Scorer: Camillo Facundo “Facu” Sola, 6 goals

The Silver Cup, an 18-goal handicap tournament and the opening trophy of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series will continue on 29th January 2019, Tuesday with Abu Dhabi Polo vs. Ghantoot Polo at 11:00 AM in Ghantoot Polo and Racing Club and UAE Polo against Dubai Wolves in Field 1 of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club at 04:00 PM.


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