Royal Horse Partners With Eurovets


Royal Horse, a premium Feed for horse and camels, has announced a new partnership with EUROVETS, a multinational Veterinary Solutin provider in diagnostics, nutrition, and equipments. The new partnership will develop an entire equine nutritional range of products in Middle East.

With over 50 years of experience in the nutrition sector, Royal Horse is used by some of the most successful equestrian sportsman and riders. The nutrient L-Carnitine available in the feed not only increases the energy conversion of fats and helps fight fatigue, but also improves the muscle strength and reduces recovery time of horses and camels. It also enhances the performance of reproduction by its action on the spermatogenesis and particularly on the motility of sperm cells. It is also beneficial for the development of foetus helping the formation of the muscular fibers, the maturation of lungs and supports the immune systems. It also intervenes within the cell in the transport of fatty acids during the catabolism of lipids to enegy and thus increases the energy availability.


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