Bangash Polo Team Wins Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club’s Emirates Mars Mission Cup 2020


The highly-anticipated Emirates Mars Mission, 6-Goal Handicap, came to a victorious end at Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club  with a win by Bangash Polo Team. The team is an international high-goal organization based in Dubai and founded by Haider Bangash.

Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, with the support of the sponsors Behnoode Luxury and Equestrian Wear and Frame Dubai, rewarded tournament finalists with gifts and trophies. There was a traditional divot stomping  where everyone converged on the field to stomp down the turf that has been torn from the first match.

For the final match, the crowd was treated to an action-packed Polo battle between Haider Bangash’ Bangash Polo Team and Rashid Bin Drai’s Bin Drai Polo Team. Bangash ended the match victoriously with the score 7-4.5 against Bin Drai. The Argentine professional player Federico Potobsky scored the most goals from Bangash side, but Bin Drai’s well-mounted players put up a good fight to the very last chukker.

Sponsored by Behnoode and Frame Dubai, the prestigious game played a significant role in uniting the Polo community amidst the pandemic constraints.  In honor of the Emirates Mission to Mars, this historic tournament was open to the public, with free entry to both the picnic area and Dubai Polo Bar, where regular spectators themselves took part in the game of fashion. There were new faces also spotted debuting their Polo style. The day ended with a trophy ceremony followed by live entertainment at the Palermo terrace. Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club is open daily with Spa and F&B outlets such as Sella Restaurant and Dubai Polo Bar along with the Riding School and Polo Academy.


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