Zedan Polo and Bangash Polo Teams Win on the Fourth Day of the IFZA Silver Cup 2021


26 January 2021, Dubai, UAE: It was an action-packed afternoon with two qualifying matches on the grounds of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club.

The first match saw IFZA-Mahra Polo grabbed the lead with Segundo’s Amadori’s back to back goals during the first chukker. Zedan Polo levelled the game with a foul shot from Jeronimo del Carril and one goal Simon Prado. On the same pace, both teams managed to keep the gap in scores with a goal from Amr Zedan by half time. Zedan’s team took off scoring in consecutive goals during the last two chukkers from Manuel Plaza and Jeronimo. The game ended with a final score of 10 goals to 6.5 in favour of Zedan Polo team.

Match Progression: 0 – 2.5 | 2 – 2.5 | 4 – 4.5 | 8 – 5.5 | 10 – 6.5
Top scorer: Jeronimo del Carill, 4 goals
Match Replay

The next match saw a quick start and lead for the Bangash Polo Team as Federico Potobsky and Benjamin Panelo scored 3 goals in the first chukker. Dubai Wolves by Cafu caught up with Bangash with a notable off-side, neck shot from Tommy Beresford. The remaining chukkers had both teams neck and neck, with each score matched by the other team. Bangash Polo team inched its way to victory with a shot from Benja and sealed by Federico at the last seconds of the game.

Match Progression: 3 – 1 | 5 – 4 | 6 – 6 | 7 – 7 | 10 – 8
Top scorer: Tommy Beresford, 6 goals
Match Replay

The IFZA Silver Cup 2021 continues on the 29th of January on Field 1 with a game between Bangash Polo and IFZA-Mahra Polo teams at 14:00. Catch the action live or watch it online on Pololine TV’s livestream.


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