Almost 12 years passed since Italo Fontana became famous all over the world, especially within the watchmaking industry, as the designer behind the largest wristwatch ever made. Today, he retains his title with a new 60mm Chimera model.

It was Baselworld 2009 edition when U-BOAT without any sort of formality and rule unveiled its

U-1942 model, 29 pieces limited edition with a 65mm grade 5 titanium case reproducing the distinctive characteristics of Italo’s grandfather’s draft from the 40s.

Throughout the years the considerable dimension of the watches despite few pieces occasionally in smaller sizes became the brand’s DNA allowing the Maison to boast itself with the earned “A New Dimension in Time” payoff.

Today Italo Fontana applies the extra-large measure to one of his most iconic designs the Chimera watch with a 60mm bronze case edition.

With chronograph functions the watch features a patented crown cap placed on the left side of the case. Bezel and caseback are held together by external tie rods specific screws with a custom head type.

A domed sapphire glass treated with anti-reflective coating overlays the wide dual-layer dial the matte brown upper layer displays laser cut hands numbers and indicators in bronze colour while granting a view on the lower one also in bronze colour metal.

The latter, also in bronze colour, comes in with a flat sapphire glass allowing a glimpse on the automatic movement which can also be seen through the loopholes still in sapphire glass on the case’s sides.

With a water resistance of 100mt (10 ATM) the watch is firmly held around the wrist by a handmade brown cordovan strap aged through natural process and trimmed with waxed cotton seams.

Coming in 10 pieces limited edition, available on-line in the official U-Store or alternatively in the Rome and Florence boutiques, Chimera 60 celebrates Italo Fontana’s passion for large-sized watches along with the most pure and recognisable identity from U-BOAT’s design.


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