Horse Industry Excellence Days @ Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE


How the French Equine Industry deepens partnerships with the GCC sector?

United Arab Emirates, December 2021 – During the fortnight dedicated to sports on FRANCE Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE, key players from the French equine industry gathered for a four-day event starting with a seminar based on deep-rooted ties France nurtures with other countries of the region in this sector.

Key players from France, UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia assembled during this in-person event to discuss about the leading position in the horse industry that French expertise can share with its counterparts of the region as well as investment opportunities in the sector.

High level officials from France to the UAE to address key-topics of the equestrian industry

After a kickoff by the French Minister Delegate in charge of sports, Roxana Maracineanu, many high-level officials from France and the UAE took the floor to discuss different topics: French breeding, animal health, equestrian sports, performance, French training, the world of equestrian equipment, event but also tourism industry and its infrastructures. The French Institute of the Horse and Riding (IFCE) and the French  Equestrian Federation presented the French know-how and the Cadre Noir of Saumur highlighted the French art of riding..

The French Minister Delegate in charge of sports, Roxana Maracineanu commented: “France and the UAE have strong ties when it comes to equestrian sport, particularly racing and both countries are in love with the horse. In the frame of this special mission called Horse Industry Excellence Days, lots of big names in the field of equestrian sport from France and the UAE gathered to offer their expertise and discuss partnerships”.

Officials and other leading figures from the UAE such as Major General Mohamed Essa Al Adhab, Board Member and General Manager of Dubai Racing Club discussed about the training & competitions supported by the UAE sector, existing strong ties with France and further opportunities of collaborations between the two countries. Faisal Al Rahmani, Chairman of the International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing, addressed a closing session on diverse topics like breeding, animal health, and training in France.

A sector of excellence driven not only by institutions …

The French Equestrian Society covered key topics about the horse education from breeding to training and selling young horses and ponies by bringing together all actors of the French sport industry:​ breeders, riders, owners of young horses, ponies, breeding agencies. The rich conference program held live from Expo 2020 even highlighted the training in 7 disciplines including the jumping​, endurance​, driving​ while respecting the animal welfare.

…but also by strong start-ups & SMEs focused on animal welfare, innovation & connected technologies to support the horse/rider couple in the UAE & France

At all, not less than 20 companies attended Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE on the occasion of the Horse Industry Excellence Days to strengthen ties and develop commercial partnerships with local and international counterparts. For instance, the French leader in the clays’ extraction, Argile du Velay presented its 100% natural remedy to heal light and severe wounds. Barnotti came with a complete outdoor equipment portfolio such as kit to design obstacles. Deltacast put the light on its latest aeronautic aluminum horseshoe to enhance the performance & strength of horses. Specialized in the trade of sport horses, Ecurie du Chapitre also highlighted its expertise in breeding & how they can supply the local markets with sport horses trading.

The offer in many activities such as coach for jumping, dressage horses, competition organizer were underlined by Ecuries du vieux moulin. As the largest range of horse care products 100% natural, Ekin, brought to the UAE its wide range of animal cosmetic formulation from food supplements to foot care products. Equid’ain, skilled in horsemanship and premium horses pointed out its training sessions and expertise in competing on the international showjumping circuits.

To improve the well-being, comfort and performances of the horse, Ferlim brought its latest innovation: the connected horseshoes. Refferring to innovation, dedicated technologies and solutions developed by Le Nouvel Ecuyer to augment the well-being and performance of the horse/rider couple were also part of the discussions with local counterparts. In the same field, Novostable demonstrated its intelligent solution intended for horses in stall to help ensure their welfare thanks to a unique self-learning Artificial Intelligence, smart camera and a mobile application. Michel Vaillant, a specialist in equine hoof products for the best performance in locomotion presented high quality products such as performance and therapeutic horseshoes and organic hoofcare products. The French start-up Pomoil, proposed its an eco-responsible natural alternative to medical treatments through its animal care solutions. Finally, Sopral provided high-quality feeds, both in flakes and pellets to optimize the genetic potential and performance of horses.

A double approach seminar to encourage French Exports to the GCC while attracting investments to France

This four-day event was not only the perfect fit to support the international development of companies in this field but also to promote the assets and strength of the French horse ecosystem to present collaboration opportunities in different sectors: institutions, cultural, scientific, financial, economic and sports. Investment opportunities were also presented to potential international investors, in Normandy and in Versailles.

This mission was supported by the French Horse Trade Association (AFCE), which groups French professional horse dealers. Three French Regions most dedicated to horses : Normandy, Pays de la Loire, Auvergne Rhone-Alpes (Lyon’s region) took part of the event to enhance new opportunities for their companies and territories.


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