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A horse does not get familiar with people easily. If you want to develop a special bonding with a horse, you need to put in the effort. You can try to bond with a horse using body language and positioning. This method is called “Join up”. Some horse experts opine that join-up method is important for you if you want to know how to speak to a horse. This method focuses on how to posit the body and contact through eyes to divert the horse’s attention from the handler and invite it to the approach.

A trainer employs comparatively a more aggressive stance to compel the horse to move out. When the horse gives signs of submission, the handlers “invite” the horse to join them by articulating their body language. Keep reading this article to learn how to join up a horse following some easiest ways.

How to Join up a Horse?

Learn the right method

First, you should learn the right method and practice it again and again. You will need access to a circular pen or a similar small area and a long lung line to join up the horse. A horse may take time to accept your approach. This is why you will need to keep patience.

Keep your voice calm and cool

When you need to deal with a horse, you must not start the process with a nervous or aggressive attitude. It will worsen the situation. The join-up will be easier for you when the horse will find you calm at the center. You should always keep your voice cool and calm.

Show the proper body language

This is method is all about projecting the right body language. You should stand tall, but your approach should always be non-aggressive. It implies that your movements must be soft and fluid.

Take your horse to a closed ring

You need to make the horse familiar with the area where you will perform the training activities. Roaming around the area with the horse is a better idea to make it comfortable. Once it is familiar with the area, you should try to encourage it to move to the perimeter.

Position the line in the proper way

Even at this stage, you will be facing the long line attached to the halter of the horse. When the horse will be moving away from you, you will throw the line out behind the horse keeping your control over the clip.

Walk with your horse and continuously push it gently

While the process will be going on, you will walk with the horse around the circle and keep approaching the horse continuously. But your approach must be gentle.

Observe the horse’s body language and change your body language if required

You should always keep your eyes open to the horse’s activities. You should track its signs. If you receive negative responses continuously, you should think of changing your body language.

Appreciate the horse

When it will show signs of acceptance and follow your instructions, you must reward the horse. It will further strengthen your association with the horse.

This is how you can join up a horse easily. You can try this method to get a better result.

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