How to Design Horse Barns


By Al Badia,

Horse barns are typically constructed as a series of stalls arranged around a central aisle. This allows you to give each horse plenty of room to move around and interact with other horses. The size of the stall can vary depending on how many horses you expect to house in the barn and their size, but it’s best to err on the side of making them larger than you think they need to be.

The first step in designing a horse barn is to decide on the size of the stalls and how many of them you want. If you have multiple horses, you’ll need enough to accommodate all of them comfortably. A typical stall size is 8′ by 12′, but this can vary depending on the type of horse.

The most common layout for a barn is one that has two rows of stalls with a center aisle running between them, allowing easy access for people walking through. The width of this aisle should be at least 4′ wide, but more if possible.

It’s also important to consider what kind of work will be done in your barn–if there are lots of tack rooms or open areas for grooming, you might want wider passageways than if it’s just going to be used for feeding and watering horses.

Passageways and open work areas are also important parts of your horse barn layout. These areas allow you to keep an eye on your horses while working with them or cleaning up after them, so consider where these areas should be located within your barn so that they’re easy for you to access.


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