The horse Messi was crowned champion of the President’s Cup for Arabian Horses in the Netherlands


The horse Messi won the title of the Dutch leg of the His Highness the President’s Cup for Purebred Arabian Horses, which was held on Sunday, September 24, 2023, at the Dondocht grass track in The Hague, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, as part of the thirtieth edition race series, at the conclusion of the European rounds of the precious cup, which witnessed a distinguished public presence and wide media repercussions.

The Netherlands station succeeded in achieving important and additional gains for the Cup’s journey that toured European countries and the world, at the conclusion of its 9 European races that were held at the tracks of the following countries: (France, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Britain, Russia, Germany, Netherlands), which confirms The distinctive interaction of Arabian horse owners and breeders in all countries of the world with the Cup races and their great passion to participate in the ancient historical event.



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