The appropriate art of horses: promotion of health and bonds


Correctly care for horse is an essential aspect of horse care, which goes beyond aesthetics; It is necessary for the health and well -being of the horse. This process includes more than just cleaning their fur with brush to make it shine; It comes to preserving the physical and mental health of the horse.

The appropriate grooming begins with a comprehensive examination of the horse’s body, allowing you to determine any injuries, skin cases, or abnormalities. Next, the grooming process removes dirt, debris, and loose hair, which improves the comfort of the horse and prevents skin problems.

Cleaning and tail cleaning helps prevent tangles and an argument, while cleaning the hooves is very important to prevent infection. Regular grooming is also strengthening the relationship between the horse and dealing with it, as it provides an opportunity for positive physical communication.

Moreover, it allows you to take care of the general health evaluation of the horse, from the condition of his coat to his behavior. In general, horse care is properly a comprehensive practice that promotes not only its appearance, but also guarantees its physical and emotional health.


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