How to Train a Horse to Rein, Stop, Jump


by Al Badia, 

Training a horse to rein, stop, and jump is a comprehensive process that demands dedication and a deep understanding of equine behavior. Begin by building trust and a strong bond with your horse. Spend quality time grooming and caring for them to establish a foundation of trust

Groundwork is essential; teach basic commands like “walk,” “trot,” “stop,” and “back up” while leading your horse on a lead rope. These fundamental skills will be the building blocks for more advanced training.

When it comes to rein control, start with a simple bridle and bit. Teach your horse to respond to gentle rein cues, and gradually introduce more nuanced commands, such as neck reining, to refine their responsiveness.

Stopping is a crucial skill. Train your horse to halt smoothly using verbal cues and gentle rein pressure. Reward them when they stop promptly to reinforce the behavior.

For jumping, begin with ground poles to introduce your horse to the concept of jumping. Gradually increase the height and complexity of the obstacles as your horse gains confidence.

Consistency is key in horse training. Repetition and patience are essential for your horse to grasp the commands and behaviors you’re teaching.

Consider seeking professional guidance, especially if you’re new to horse training or if your horse displays challenging behavior.

Throughout the training process, prioritize your horse’s safety and well-being, and remember that each horse is unique, requiring individualized approaches and timelines for their development.


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