Saudi Cup “Senior Boscador” gives Hariri the title of the fifth edition


“Senior Buscador” was crowned with the logo of Mr. Sharaf Mohammed Al-Hariri and Mr. Joe R. Peacock GR, with the title of the Saudi Cup version of the first category, with a prize value of 20 million US dollars, during a high-level international evening characterized by the presence of the strongest horses coming from all over the world to leave their mark and get their share. Of the valuable financial prizes, and to book a ticket to the Dubai World Cup 2024 evening races that will start at the end of March, the Japanese horses scored two victories, while Spirit Dancer shined in the NEOM Turf Cup before returning to Dubai, targeting the closing evening of the Meydan Racecourse.

The victory of “Señor Buscador”, led by jockey Junior Alvardo, and under the supervision of coach Todd Fincher, recorded a time of 1:49.50 minutes, with a difference of one head over the champion of the last edition of the Dubai World Cup, Japan, “Oshba Tesoru” for “Ryotokoji Kenji Holding Company”, led by jockey Yuga Kawada. Under the supervision of coach Noboru Takagi. “Saudi Crown” for “Faisal Mohammed Al-Qahtani Stables”, led by jockey Florent Giraud, and supervised by coach Brad Cox, came third.

“Asfan” is crowned with the title of Abiyah
“Asfan Al-Khalidiya”, owned by Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, won the “Abiya Cup” title for purebred Arabian horses for a distance of 2000 meters “first category” on the sand track, led by the jockey Abdullah Al-Awfi, and under the supervision of the coach Nasser bin Mutlaq, recording a time of 2: 13.72 minutes, a difference of 4 and a quarter lengths from “Vezir” by “Ajmal Stable”.


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