Dubai Stud sits on the golden throne of the World Championship Di Shihana and Di Shahar are kings at the top, and Di Sharar is the prince of the best


In a new global tour, the Dubai Arabian Horse Stud took the throne of the World Championship for Purebred Arabian Horses, which concluded its activities the day before yesterday in its new location this year in the Qatari capital, Doha, and its arena in the port, instead of the French capital, Paris, which monopolized the competitions for many years. The Dubai Stud was able to monopolize the bright spotlight in the tournament by grabbing the gold at its peak with the originality of the ultimate charms of purebred Arabian horses, whose precious colors were highlighted by the international mare Di Shihana, the queen of mares, and the new international stallion Di Shihar, the king of young colts, the owner of the most expensive Shabwa in the world, with a value exceeding 100 thousand. One dollar, which he achieved during the last Dubai Stud auction on the eighteenth of last November.

The last World Championship, in its new geographical form, was truly an aesthetic, authentic, exciting and exciting competitive match that attracted the elite of the international studs presented by the Arab studs from the Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, their sister studs from the Gulf countries and the major international studs. The competition has reached its peak to express the essence of the global production of Arabian horses. The Dubai Stud refused to continue its leadership path with its position at the top, after controlling its upper stages, where the world-class mare, De Shehana, won the golden title of the Mares’ Championship, and she is fromAn icon of contemporary global productionThe stallion FAL Rasheem and from the world champion mare Di Shahla, then the young colt and the new international production project Di Shahar raised the gold level of the Dubai Stud by winning the gold title in the colts championship, and he is fromThe world-class stallion Excalibur EA and the champion mare Di Shihana, confirming his worth as a new element in the global stallion scene, just steps away from the trust he gained from the community of international horse experts and owners at the November auction.


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